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Basic Functions for Daily Editing

Accurately cut a frame of video, delete unwanted parts and merge clips with just one click.
Enhance your video with numerous fantastic overlays and filters, just drag and drop!
Select your favorite style from crafted templates when you need to add text to a video.
Edit audio by adjusting speed or volume. Replacing background sound has never been easier.
Apply multiple vivid filters to your video to enhance the visual experience and add a natural feel.
Add a mosaic effect to the video to disguise any aspect you chose.
  • basic edit
  • overlay & filter
  • text editor
  • insert audio
  • transitions
  • mosaic effect
  • Basic Editing
  • Overlay & Filter
  • Text Editor
  • Insert Audio
  • Transitions
  • Mosaic Effect

Support Various Aspect Ratios

This video editing software supports editing videos with 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16 and 3:4 aspect ratios. The rendered video is compatible with the well known video platforms including:



Instagram Video


Taobao Video

Advanced Video Editing Features

Edit video by customizing parameters such as contrast, saturation and hue.
Create picture-in-picture effect which allows you to play several videos on one screen.
Edit footage on video, audio, PIP, overlay, filter tracks simultaneously and effectively.
Make your video dramatic by adding various sizes and styles of creative masks.
  • Color Adjustment
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Multi-tracks
  • Masks

Bring Your Stories to Life or Work

Using this movie editor, you can create a professional video that can be applied in different situations. It is your best choice for creating educational content, program introduction, short video ads and so on.

Educational Content

Program Introduction

Short Video Ads

Film Editing

Promotional Material

Training Conference

Wedding Anniversary

More Situations

BeeCut - Create High Quality Movie in Minutes


I bet you will like it!


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